How does it work

An Optometrist, Contact Lens Specialist will use advanced technology such as corneal mapping (topography), and imaging techniques to develop a three-dimensional map of the surface curvature of the cornea, the outer structure of the eye. The procedure is carried out in seconds and is completely painless.

The Optometrist, Contact Lens Specialist will then utilise the three-dimensional map of the cornea to help perfect a bespoke OrthoK contact lens to enhance vision and maintain long term safety and corneal integrity. OrthoK contact lenses are FDA approved for overnight wear.

The OrthoK contact lenses are worn at night while the patient is asleep and removed when they wake up. Throughout the night whilst sleeping the OrthoK contact lenses will gently reshape the cornea in a controlled fashion to improve vision.

The improvement to vision is expected after one week of lens wear, however most patients notice a significant improvement to their vision even after one night.

Once the corneal shape has been established, some people need to wear their lenses only every other night, or even once or twice a week, to maintain perfect vision.


Initial Appointment:
Preliminary Discussion, Eye Examination and Corneal Shape Mapping: Comprehensive examination techniques will be conducted to deem the procedure safe and suitable for the individual. Computerised topography measurements, integral to the entire process, will then be conducted thus allowing lens parameter calculations to be made.

Second and Third Appointments:
Lens Design Application and Overnight Trial: Based on the three-dimensional map of the cornea and lens calculations, the best-fit lenses will be chosen and assessed on the eye. Lens insertion, removal and daily cleaning procedures will be taught. The patient will then be seen the morning after one night of lens wear at which time checks for visual improvement, lens positioning, corneal integrity and further topography maps are conducted. The overnight trial results are an excellent predictor of its success. Occasionally this trial is unsuccessful and the procedure is discontinued, however other myopia control options will be explored.

Fourth Appointment, Post Fortnight:
After positive responses from the overnight trial, the patient will be asked to wear the lenses every night for a fortnight. After which similar checks as conducted at previous appointments will be completed to ensure the desired visual outcome. Once all ocular health checks are conducted the final lens design will be prescribed and supplied to the patient with continuing aftercare service for 6 months.


It is vital to have regular checkups when wearing OrthoK contact lenses. The comfort, eye health and long-term success with OrthoK could be compromised if regular aftercare is not adhered to. The Optometrist, Contact Lens Specialist will advise how frequently you will need to attend aftercare appointments.